About This Blog

It has been a while (a number of years to be honest) since I’ve attempted to set up a blog. Here is another shot at it with a book/comic review themed blog. The idea is to give short reviews of the books, comics, and so on that I read. However, I can not guarantee that no other topics will be touched in this blog. It is also possible that I make book-related posts that don’t contain a review.

As you might have noticed above, I’ve put the words ‘short’ and ‘review’ in italic. There is a strong emphasis on the word ‘short’ here. That is, I will not provide you with long reviews. Not at all. As I try to spend some of my spare time on reading, I don’t want to lose it on reading reviews. OK, maybe creating this blog is weird then, but hey, what are you gonna do about it?

My reviews will be structured different from the most reviews you see on the web. I will use bullet lists, and bullet lists only, and I will keep the length of the lists to reasonable size. Why? Bullets read faster. I need to summarize my thoughts. And the most important reason. You, the reader of this blog, will be able to quickly read my reviews. That’s it. It might take you less than 30 seconds to read one of my reviews, and it will hopefully, in that short time, give you an idea if you should buy/borrow/burn the book/comic. Happy reading. And don’t spend to much time here, instead go read something real.

P.S. Yes, this post is already too long!

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