Don’t Make Light of My Eyes That Can Spot Exposed Panties from a Mile Away

The Seven Deadly Sins 2 Book Cover The Seven Deadly Sins 2
Nakaba Suzuki
Kodansha Comics
May 13th 2014

To save her kingdom, Princess Elizabeth has pinned her last hope on the infamous traitors, “The Seven Deadly Sins” and has set out on a journey with Meliodas—the Dragon Sin of Wrath—to seek out the rest of his fellow knights and former friends. Deep within an uninviting forest they find Diane, the Serpent Sin of Envy. Before they can celebrate their reunion, they must deal with an attack from Gilthunder, an electrifying Holy Knight! (via Goodreads)

  • This review and the following ones will probably contain spoilers, so be careful!
  • Meliodas survives taking in some deadly poison. I want to know why!
  • Cliffhanger at the end of chapter 9.
  • ‘Don’t make light of my eyes that can spot exposed panties from a mile away,’ that little kid though.
  • The story is progressing fast!
  • A few battles between the main characters and the holy knights have occurred, however, they were over very quickly.
  • A little bit more depth to those and some other scenes would be better, but I don’t say that a single fight needs to occupy five chapters of course.
  • OK, the last chapter fixes this, kinda.
  • Talking about the art style is here not necessary anymore, because this is the same as for the first volume of course.
  • Buy, borrow or burn? Borrow
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