I Don’t Need to Win, I Just Need to Fight

Shatterpoint: Star Wars Book Cover Shatterpoint: Star Wars
Matthew Stover
Tue Dec 06 2005 00:00:00 GMT+0100 (CET)

Mace Windu is a living legend: Jedi Master, senior member of the Jedi Council, skilled diplomat, devastating fighter. Some say he is the deadliest man alive. But he is a man of peace—and for the first time in a thousand years, the galaxy is at war. Now, following the momentous events climaxing in the Battle of Geonosis, Master Mace Windu must undertake a perilous homecoming to his native world—to defuse a potentially catastrophic crisis for the Republic . . . and to confront a terrifying mystery with dire personal consequences. (more at GoodReads)

  • The story started slowly. That is, the first 100-150 pages.
  • The middle and end had a real cinematic atmosphere to it. A high contrast with the beginning of the story.
  • The struggles of Mace (and every Jedi) with the dark side show the burden that they have to carry (during the war).
  • When two groups are at war, is there really one group that wins at the end?
  • Are Jedi really keepers of the peace? Do they need to change their thinking if they want to win the war against the separatists?
  • Mace Windu finds more questions than answers in the jungle, however, he relies on his Jedi training to get through it. The author makes it really clear that the Jedi training can only teach you that much.
  • There is a reason that Mace Windu is one of the most powerful Jedi that the galaxy has known. The book does justice to that in every aspect.
  • “I don’t need to win, I just need to fight.” ~ Mace Windu
  • The book represents a small side story to the movies, however, it adds so much to our understanding of the Jedi in general.
  • Prepare yourself for pages of fighting. Two powers going head to head.
  • For non-Star Wars fans? Maybe (sorry).
  • I had to get used to the writing of the author at first.
  • Buy, borrow or burn? Borrow