We Want to Pay for Manga, but We Can’t


I love to read manga, but I live in Europe. And that is the reason of my, let’s call it, discomfort, and the reason for this disquisition. In the prospect of optimizing my reading experience, I want to achieve the following.

  • The manga has to be in English.
  • I want to read my manga digitally.
  • Reading it in a web browser is a must.
  • Support for tablets and/or smartphones is a nice-to-have feature.
  • It has to be legal.
  • I have no problems with paying for the content.

These requirements might and probably will not be applicable to everybody, however the point that I want to make with this disquisition is applicable to a large group of people. Now, let’s explain and/or (try to) tackle them one by one.

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