We Have a New Republic, Everything Is a Piece of Cake Now

The New Rebellion Book Cover The New Rebellion
Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Somewhere in the galaxy, millions suddenly perish--a disruption of the Force so shocking it is felt by Luke at his Jedi academy and by Leia on Coruscant. While Leia must deal with an assassination attempt, a rumored plot against the New Republic, and allegations that Han Solo is involved, Luke seeks out a former Jedi student who may hold the key to the mass destruction. But Brakiss is only the bait in a deadly trap set by a master of the dark side who is determined to rule as emperor. He's targeted Luke, Leia, and Leia's Jedi children to die. Then billions will follow, in a holocaust unequaled in galactic history. (via Goodreads)

  • This review contains spoilers! May the Force be with you.
  • At the end of episode VI, I would have expected that creating a new republic would be a piece of cake. The first 20 pages of this novel prove me wrong …
  • This is the first Star Wars book I read that takes place after ‘Return of the Jedi’.
  • There are several books between ‘Return of the Jedi’ and this book, so those might have given me a better insight on the situation the New Republic is in. However, these books are not canon, as far as I know. These book were listed at the end of the book, hence, the list probably not up to date.
  • Han Solo is clearly struggling with his past (as a smuggler). For me it was already a surprise that Han settled on Corusant, and tries to be a real father for his children, yes, Han Solo and kids. Who would have thought.
  • Leila is the sister of Luke, however, I’ve never thought of her being a Jedi. Yes, that’s my mistake.
  • As a result of this, Leila started the Jedi training, however, she hasn’t finished it yet. What do you expect if your husband is Han Solo, you have three children, and you are the leader of the New Republic?
  • Next to having a connection with the Force, she also caries a lightsaber with her. This is, to me, a strange combination, especially because during the original trilogy we only saw her with a blaster in her hand.
  • The overall development of the story was good, but some people might find the beginning a little bit slow-paced. However, this was not the case for me.
  • The different story lines of the (groups of) characters really didn’t seem connected in the beginning/middle, but in/near the end they all came together. This really gave me an ‘Aaahh’ feeling.
  • I had a weird feeling during the first part of the book, a certain tension created by the mood of the story (maybe related to the previous bullet), however, near the end it faded and it was replaced by a heroic Star Wars feeling which lasted till the last page of the book.
  • It almost felt like a real Star Wars movie.
  • One of the main characters is killed by a blaster, really? I mean, we have Jedi’s!
  • Buy, borrow or burn? Borrow